Top 10 reasons to shop local this holiday season


In honor of Small Business Saturday this weekend I thought it would be a good opportunity to highlight some of the Hudson Valleys favorite local shops and give you 10 fabulous reasons you should shop local this holiday season. When you put your money into local business you are not only strengthening your local community economy but you helping to change supply and demand, production, help the environment and grow non-profits. Plus, there are no better people and products to support than those right here in the Hudson Valley!


Check out this top list of Hudson Valley small businesses!

Top 10 reasons to shop local

1. It strengthens the local economy and puts your tax dollars to good use.

When you spend your money in local shops the money will multiply within the community. Local businesses usually shop other local business recycling the money within the community and ultimately strengthening the local economy.

2. Help create local jobs and growth.

In a nation that is struggling to create jobs you might feel like there isn’t anything as a consumer you can do, but there is! Local shops tend to create higher paying jobs than bigger chain stores. When you shop local you are helping to create those jobs for your local servicemen and neighbors.

3. You will feel good and support your community.

If any of the other reasons here can’t convince you to shop local this year I promise you, you will feel good about your choices when you do. You will become friendly with local employees and business owners, support friends, families and embrace the true meaning of community.

4. It’s better for the environment.

Help reduce the global footprint by supporting businesses close to home. Not only will you be minimizing shipping factors but local businesses tend to buy from other local businesses further reducing transportation pollution.

5. You will most likely receive better customer service.

There is no doubt that the woman in the store down the street is going to provide better customer service than someone you will probably never meet somewhere on the other side of the county. Local businesses survive by reputation and repeat customers so it is usually in their best interest to provide better service.

6. Your money goes to support non- profit and community organizations.

Local businesses are two times more likely to support non- profit and community organizations than large corporations. Spending your money in the places that support non- profits will certainly help improve your community.

7. Local shops are for everyone.

In many cases local shops are more easily accessible than the larger chain stores and malls. This is especially beneficial for elderly, the young and those without transportation.

8. Shop what you want and not what buyers choose for you.

The power of choice is still ours when we shop small. While national chains have buyers who choose products for us, small businesses choose products based on what their customers want. With more local shops, more people are deciding on product, distribution and production thus increasing our choices in products.

9. Support entrepreneurship and increase prosperity.

Inventors, creators and entrepreneurs are the forward thinkers of tomorrow. Those forward thinkers create small business shops that accompany a uniqueness that people want to settle around and tourists are more likely to visit which increases growth and economy.

10. There is nothing better than products made or purchased in the Hudson Valley!


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